Ate a spoonful of wasabi and chewed it yesterday and my chest spasmed until I fell asleep. Do not recommend...but no regrets
Posted 22 Nov

Steak puns are a medium rarely well done.
Posted 20 Nov

Mine's black when it arrives. Big step up from the 458 in every way...still feel a bit wtf #488gtb
Posted 20 Nov

It took me a solid minute to get out of this. Ergonomics an afterthought...what a thing though. #f40
Posted 20 Nov

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Feed Me with Teeth US Tour 2013

Feed Me with Teeth US Tour 2013

17th Jan

NYE shows were amazing, now it’s back to finishing a single, album, and then this USA Teeth Tour. Hit wantickets for tickets!

Feed Me – Death By Robot is out now

‘Death By Robot’ is out now on mau5trap records. Here's the link...

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Death By Robot – the process of the art.

Stage 1: Sketching for single / Death By Robot. Stage 2: Line art in ...

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