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Hey I've lost my vape in the sofa can someone call it?
Posted 05 Feb

Ha! Coming on great. Haven't felt this small since afrojack corrected my maths https://t.co/dtpqzhF8Se
Posted 04 Feb

.@TomSandoval1 Music video is so good, amazing job mate #snort
Posted 04 Feb

Outboard Thermionic Culture Vulture en route finally! Upgraded from the @UAudio version after convincementation from @vaults
Posted 04 Feb

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14th Jan

Hello this is Feed Me and welcome to my website, where you can find my music, art, information about shows, things I write and whatever else I feel like.

Death By Robot – the process of the art.

Stage 1: Sketching for single / Death By Robot. Stage 2: Line art in ...

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