Take notice http://t.co/f86TdZK55z
Posted 1 hours ago

Here we are at the_cypher_shop @mtncolors lets go 😈 https://t.co/AuWPNBvREO
Posted 1 hours ago

Morning mood https://t.co/BFmuU9fcI1 #Nostradamus #integrity
Posted 2 hours ago

Just been told that our DNA is 50% the same as a banana. Some of you lot are running a slightly higher figure I think though #plumdumplings
Posted 3 hours ago

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Feed Me – Death By Robot is out now

Feed Me – Death By Robot is out now

17th Jan

‘Death By Robot’ is out now on mau5trap records. Here’s the links and once again much love for all the support on this… album next! Click here to pick up a copy at iTunes and here for beatport.


Feed Me with Teeth US Tour 2013

NYE shows were amazing, now it's back to finishing a single, album, an...

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