Masters of the Universe now. Post Springsteen/pre-Friends Courtney Cox and a 'Cosmic Key'. So Flash Gordon, love it.
Posted 16 hours ago

Please send @BASS_ALMIGHTY a life-affirming tweet I just accidentally upset them; I need your help.
Posted 17 hours ago

Update: Val Kilmer sword fighting & dodging ninja stars, on an apple drag. What's not to like?
Posted 18 hours ago

I understand our inherent need for tribal organisation & hierarchy, until it becomes a reason to persecute and segregate. Football is enough
Posted 18 hours ago

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Feed Me – Death By Robot is out now

Feed Me – Death By Robot is out now

17th Jan

‘Death By Robot’ is out now on mau5trap records. Here’s the links and once again much love for all the support on this… album next! Click here to pick up a copy at iTunes and here for beatport.


Feed Me with Teeth US Tour 2013

NYE shows were amazing, now it's back to finishing a single, album, an...

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