Feed Me - 'Smooth Character' desktop wallpaper
2362 x 2156

Feed Me - 'White Teeth' desktop wallpaper
1920 X 1200

Nothing was melted: needed a +5v converter for my top rail to get Braids and Graphic Sequencer going. Ordered. Phew @ThijsNoisia
Posted 16 hours ago

Coffee break time with this https://t.co/mTt7yUgNAm
Posted 18 hours ago

Some workarounds due to noob, but this is the first thing I've written with analog. It's fun, think… https://t.co/3ef1QoJtfP
Posted 19 hours ago

Here we go... (Think I may have blown up my Braids though) #eurorack https://t.co/xlgw5PPFhk
Posted 29 Jul